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In many spiritual traditions it is a good thing to purify oneself in some manner before performing religious rites, touching sacred objects, or approaching the deities. Paganism shares this history, and today still has many advocates of purification rites, usually performed prior to Esbat and Sabbat observances and before any magick or inner-world explorations.

Purification has the dual effect of not only cleaning away any negativity that may be clinging to you, but also, like any ritual preparation, alerting your deep mind to the fact that some profound change is about to take place.

Pagan purification rites often utilize water charged under the full moon as a cleansing source. To gather your own full moon water you will need a cup, bowl, or a chalice of silver, or else a piece of silver coinage or jewelry to toss in the bottom of the non-silver vessel. If you use a non-silver container, glass is the best substitute, as iron & aluminum are not thought to be conductive to moon magick. On the night of the full moon set the chalice outside, or in a window, where it can absorb the lunar rays. After a few hours of exposure, it should be well-charged and ready to use.

Before taking the water to your ritual site, hold it securely in your non-dominant hand while placing the other hand over the top. Visualize your hands as 2 poles of an energy field sending your own personal power through the water. Finish empowering the liquid with words such as:

By the silver light of Lady Moon,

By my hand and will so sure,

By all that's holy, true, and strong,

I bid you cleanse me pure.

There are 2 ways to purify yourself with the water.

1. By anointing your body at selected spots.

2. By taking a moon bath

For the former, you will need to decide ahead of time just where on your body you wish to anoint yourself. All traditions teach varying configurations. In central Asia and India these places are usually the seven chakra points (energy centers). In the Celtic traditions, purification points most often involve the forehead, lower stomach, an feet purification is done through the two feet, the hands, and the forehead (or sometimes between the breasts) so that the points roughly resemble a pentagram. All of these traditions allow for solitary rites of purification.

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