Further update 0 Wack Ass bus trips - Crazy Dead relatives and more.

So I am finishing myt first month back to school - paid 204 dollars for a text book ! Out rageous. Even though I am dutifully taking my meds and I haven't done drugs in a long time. There is a negative spirit that is constantly whispering at me that I am going to fail, I wont do well in Houston, my mom is going to find out my thoughts?????? typical crepe from jealous spirit. I cant wait to put some distance between us. The crazy ad and photo spirits in the small mall near me are becoming  ridiculous. every time I walk through - on the way to my bus stop. They leer at me, proposition me and sometime feel like they are physically grasping at me as I walk by!!! Again! cant wait to move away!  I have done quite a bit of re arranging in my house which SSEEms to be making a positibe change in the HOUSE SPirit but again last night a Bunch of blackness with a hole like pattern came down all over me while I slepe :( REALLY REALLY tired of it its always appearing in my house.. will keep you  informaed.

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Comment by Consuelo Figueroa on February 5, 2019 at 3:16pm

LOL!. You're cool, just stop allowing those pesky spirits to prick you whenever they feel. How can you be failing when you are continuing.


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