I figured it would be nice to share the knowledge I have learned through my experiences. The storms have actually made me feel worse, the older I get. I used to not know why it did this to me until I read about "geosentient empathy". I noticed a lot of Empaths have no idea what this is or have ever heard of it. I hope this helps many of you as it helped me in more ways than one. 

Site: http://www.askgrace.com/advicecolumns/0928-symptoms-empath.htm

As a "geosentient" empath, you are picking up the pain of the Earth. Rather than taking on that pain, you can shift the polarity of energy so that you are not like a vacuum cleaner, but more like an acupuncture needle for the Earth itself. Whenever you feel the pain or pressure building up inside you, realize that the Earth needs to release energy, and that you are acting as a release valve for the buildup of pressure. In these times, imagine that divine light is pouring into you from your Source above you, and that you are a pillar of light, sending light directly into the Earth. You can imagine many "acupuncture needles" of light (perhaps even crystals) going into the Earth to relieve her pain and pressure. You can also direct the light with your intention to dissipate storms and release some of the buildup of atmospheric and barometric pressure. Try to have fun with this instead of being afraid of it or burdened by it - try to lighten up for your sake and the Earth's.


(There is more to read on the site page)

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