So the other day we had a meetup with another coven and some interested folks. Let me first say that the "H.P." of the other coven use to be Catholic, he still is very Catholic to me. He keeps that same mind set and basically has introduced a more prominent female to his belief system but that is about it. He has a lot of animosity towards Xtians though... like most in this belief system. I'm guilty of it like anyone else, something happens and I get bitchy about it... those dumb over zealous religious jerk bags.... but I am trying to stop being a Hypo-Pagan and start living with my religion in my everyday life.


We got on the topic of hypo-xtians and how annoying and sad it is, how heartbreaking it is to hear about their children in the 'brainwashing' camps (Jesus Camp, yes I know it got shut down, but you can't be so naive to think there aren't others) and other issues. But then I had to remind everyone that us being Pagan, Wiccan specifically, that we need to be accepting of even our biggest bullies. We have to realize that their dogma dictates that they go and spread word far and wide. That they try to convert as many non-believers to Christ as they can.


Most gently smiled and realized what we had been doing, but a few had an obvious energy change that was well received. They heard my comment and took it how they wanted but they didn't take it how it was meant to be taken.


I get frustrated because the same people get on my case because I missed a 'equal opportunity' sentence in a paragraph and yet they would be the first to deny anyone that equal opportunity.


We have non-traditional Muslims who are interested in the group and when they (hypo-pagans) found out they had a little fit about it. Thinking that even though the Muslims interested are non-traditional they still kept referencing traditional mind set and belief.


These are the poster children for Hypo-Pagans, they talk about how skin color, sexual orientation, religion etc shouldn't matter and yet when they see or hear something they disagree with, they use those attributes to define their reasoning for expulsion.


Point being... I'm making a conscience effort to stop myself from raging on Xtians and any other religion that may upset me from time to time. I am going to make a better effect to be accepting of other pagans that have huge differences in belief system from me. I'm going to be a better Pagan, I'm going to live as the Goddess and God would want.

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Comment by thesacredkitchen on July 21, 2011 at 4:23pm

Thanks for the hyper- hypo- correction, I didn't even realize.


Let me first clarify. We are two separate covens. We along with other area covens are coming together under one main PUBLIC entity for community, education, fellowship etc.... Both of our covens are considered Eclectic Wicca. The organization/entity itself is for any Earth Based religion.


If your a closed coven then sure be exclusive all you want, I don't care. But when you say your open to the public that means your open to the public, the good the bad and the ugly. Sure you can deny membership to anyone that doesn't work well with group dynamics but you shouldn't base that on their religion, race, age, sex or anything else like that. 

That is my issue.


The coven that seems... 'exclusive' talks about acceptance and tolerance etc but they don't show it. They don't use it in a working setting. They snort when I suggest that we as Wiccans be more accepting of others beliefs.....


When I say accepting of someones beliefs, that doesn't mean we have to agree that they are right. It just means that we give them the respect that there religion deserves. It means that I'm not going to blow my top because you told me 'God Bless' even though you know I'm Wiccan. It means that when a Evangelist comes up to me to try and convert me, I can take a more respectful and meaningful 'turn of the cheek'.


Acceptance, tolerance, love doesn't mean you start justifying for everything that happens. It means you justify what needs to be and you accept that they are different then you. It doesn't give you hall pass to be an ass about how you feel towards a belief system or person. (not saying you are doing that)


I'm all for giving opinions and expressing ones self but I feel like the majority of time people see that as an excuse to point fingers, call names, and generally be disrespectful to the idea and institution of religion.


So with that clarified.... my issue is when people are hypocrites. I'm trying my best not to be one.




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