Well, I did it. I spoke up for myself this evening. Going back home and leaving the lake behind me for a couple of days. The energy at the lake is toxic and I'm reacting badly to it. I told my husband I wanted to go home and I get the "why, what's wrong" conversation. Nothing's wrong (other than I hate it there), I just want to go home and water my plants, clean my altar, and maybe have some much needed spiritual "me time". The place at the lake is idyllic, or should be. But it doesn't feel right. I feel cooped up, smothered, bored out of my skull. Can't get out and walk in the woods--too many snakes and that's a problem I don't need. There's other critters that roam about, but the snakes are a big issue for me. The only time I enjoy being out here anymore is of a night when I hear the coyotes howl outside my window. And it should be quiet out here. SHOULD BE. But in this heat, we have to run the AC 24/7. A window unit air conditioner... Noise pollution inside and out. I'd rather be home in a 1440 sq ft house with the interstate barreling down outside than cramped in a camper trailer and a very loud air conditioner. 

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