I went to church last Sunday...and no it didn't fall down...lol. It was for a Christening of a great great niece of mine. Her daddy is Christian and so they had a naming with the family and then went to his church and had the little one christened. Poor kid is going to be so confused...lol.

But any how it was held during their regular service so if ya was going to be there for the christening you had to attend their service also...sneaky as hell if you ask me and no I didn't stand up and correct the preacher when he was wrong...lol.

Well at the brunch after the preacher hunted me down...literally I was outside hiding with all the smokers, and he said he understood I was Tosha's HP. (Tosha's my great niece, yep I'm that old...lol and the Mom of the little one.) Any how I said yeah sort of, no sense trying to explain it to him I figured he didn’t look like the type to be much into Native American Spirituality and wouldn’t understand its labels for the spiritual leaders. He asked if I had a few minutes to talk and started walking away from the rather large group of smokers…many from the church by the way. I figured he expected me to follow which kind of annoyed me…he hadn’t waited for my answer as to whether I wanted to take my time to speak to him, I also lit another cig when he finally stopped, which he wrinkled his nose at, tough I thought pay back for being presumptuous about whether I wanted to talk to him and I would follow like a good woman should.

So I decide to take the lead in this little conversation and asked how I could be of help to him. This kind of put him off guard I noticed, apparently he wasn’t use to people taking the lead in conversations or folks don’t offer to help him often, wasn’t at all sure which at that point, but he stuttered,” it is about Tosha.”

 I butted in stating isn’t she just the nicest girl, so caring and helpful, great with older folks too. Again he didn’t seem sure what to say and stuttered again, with a “well yes.” I continued with, “I just don’t know what would happen with our weekly food drive if it wasn’t for her, she always gets twice as much out of people that I’m sure they were planning on giving.”  He replies with a mumbled, “That’s nice.”  I continued with, “Oh that’s not the only thing; she takes on night care of the babies twice as often as anyone else.” “Night care?” he asks with a puzzled look. “Oh yeah when we have festival and it gets late and the little one’s need to be tucked in for the night and kept an eye on, you know babysitting. Don’t you have such a thing in your church?” I asked with a look of interest.  “Well we have DAY care.” He replies.  I nod and say, “Well good, nice to know you’re progressive. “

 I had finished my cig and decided it was time I left the company of this preacher and get home. Had lots to do with the Blood moon ritual coming up on Tue., and said the same to him. He looked shocked for a second and then asked, “Blood moon ritual?” “Yeah the eclipse on Tue. is a blood moon and we are having ritual, would you like to come? It will be a bit late, well actually early seeing it won’t be totally red until like 2 a.m. but if you don’t mind missing a little sleep the energy will be wonderful and something you should experience at least once in your life time,” I replied. “Ritual? What kind of ritual?” he asked.  I looked at him and said, “ something like you put on this morning, praying, singing, maybe a few folks dancing, and then we will send all that energy to our deity for whatever we need”, I replied.

 He looked a little weak kneed and more than a little relieved with my explanation. He actually smiled when he asked “where do you have this ritual.”  I said, “At the Witchstead on the farm. So I can expect you and your family?” I asked. “ you want me to bring my family,” he asked as if I had just told him that the world was coming to an end and here I thought we had made it past that whole stereotype thing.  “Well you don’t have to bring your family if you don’t want to. But the ritual is family friendly and Tosha will be in charge of night care and we always have a bit to eat after wards and chat a bit before we go home, it really is a nice time for the whole family and we would be honored for your family to join us,” I replied.  He said he would think about it and shook my hand and headed back into his church and I headed for my truck.

My niece… (Tosha’s Mom) trotted up to my truck and asked what nosey man wanted and said, “ain’t sure, he never did say, but I invited him to Tuesdays get to gather.”  She just started laughing, really hard; you know the tears running down your face kind of laughing. I just sat there and waited on her to come back from her bought of insanity. Well after a few moments and a few oh hell’s and a couple of chuckles she wiped her eyes and said, “Aunt D you kill me.” I asked why and she started laughing again. Yep going to have to get her into counseling I’m thinking and she starts talking in between gasps for air.

“He has been trying to convert Tosha since before the wedding, he even checked with the county clerk to see if their marriage was legal. Which totally pissed off Tosha and she told him any questions he had from now on was to be directed to you because she didn’t want to deal with him anymore.” She says as she is chuckling. “So when he started in on her again in the church she told him to find you and if you give your permission she would indeed have a conversation with him, and you not only don’t let him ask such a silly question you end up inviting him to ritual and I’m betting he’s thinking you are trying to convert him, cause he went up to Tosha and said she could tell you that your ploy wouldn’t work, he was a man of God and he would not JOIN you, and stomped off.” She finished speaking and started laughing again.

All I could do is wonder how did he get I was trying to pry him away from his god by inviting him to come to our ritual. I tell ya, that man was strange.

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Comment by hashhashin puffinstuff on April 19, 2014 at 7:44am
Nice work soldier
Comment by Kixs on April 19, 2014 at 9:29am

Well thank you sir. But really wasn't trying to convert him, he just annoyed me with that whole I am male thing he had going on when he walked up to me. I mean really? It's the 21st century catch up already.

Comment by hashhashin puffinstuff on April 19, 2014 at 11:18am
I know right....make her bring you flowers and chocolate....and women can get the door half the time.....hell yeah.....but then again just because one hetero(although he's probably unconfirmed) guy tried to mentally rape you doesn't mean we all want to club a woman's psyche to death....I don't know where I'm going here......we don't all act like that douchebag?? I for one like chicks who are modern.
Comment by Amethyst Samia on April 27, 2014 at 11:59am
"Weak kneed..." *cackles & snorts*

Did you cackle for him Kixs?


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