Firstly, this is my first blog post here. I do not upkeep blogs very well, so this may be a rare occurrence.

Today, I graduated college! Wahoo!! *Celebrates for a moment*
I have done exceedingly well in my studies (for some anonymity's sake, I will not divulge what they are beyond healthcare related and social work related), and graduated with honors, and an overall course percentage of 97%... rather impressive!

As well as being in a very celebratory mood, I feel I should be offering gratitude to ... someone. For the past couple years, I have gotten all that I have asked for, and more, and feel I carry a blessing from the Universe for my life path... at least for now. I have asked for opportunities to bring out my natural talents, and to grow as a human being, a spiritual creature, to have the strength to overcome the challenges that face me, and for the Universe in its love, wisdom and joy to set me on the course that is right for me. These, have I received in great abundance, and I am grateful.

So, I desire to offer in some sort of "official" way, my gratitude. To which aspect of the Universe (deity), however, I am not very sure, nor am I sure as to what form such a ritual should take. I am not very much "into" ritual -- they do not increase the feeling and power for me, and I often chafe mentally and spiritually when performing them. Most of the "workings" I do are of a very informal, silent sort of meditation or prayer sort of way. At least, for everyday sort of things, such as offering gratitude to the rain for enriching the earth, and for the joy of hearing birdsong, the beauty within the biological complexity of life, or for asking for things: a little bit of luck, a little bit of wisdom, a little bit of joy, and a little bit of temperance -- whatever the Universe may spare for me. I do not often perform anything larger, mostly due to my difficulty with ritual.

My real conundrum is, then, who I should offer my thanks to, and how to do it. Aspects of the Norse, Ancient Egyptian pantheons, animal-spirits, general Jungian Archetypes, and a dose of dream-conscious symbolism appeal to me. I am a little bit crafty, so I may create something, such as a bit of beadwork (a strand to hang off the apricot tree in the front yard, perhaps), or something else. I once cross-stitched a small wall-hanging of a figure I refer to as 'Mother Spider', an internal symbol of Fate and the Cosmos, however the materials are no longer easily come by in my area for it (Wal-Mart significantly downsized its crafting department). Perhaps a bit of writing...

Some potential figures for me to offer to:
Thoth, Egyptian god of writing and knowledge -- both things that are very dear to me. This is the first figure that enters my mind when deciding to offer gratitude. I worry however that I do not possess the materials necessary to perform a ritual to him properly; his ancient followers were huge on ritual, and it would be a shame to disappoint.

Yes... drawing a blank on "Who" else to thank, all I can really come up with is Thoth.


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