Body Art, More than just decoration.
By Mickie Mueller (Llewellyn's Magical Almanac 2008)
There are many ways the modern Witch can use the many techniques of Body Art, which range from temporary body painting to permenant tatoos, to boost spell work, express connections with a deity, and manifest transformation within ourselves.
Because it goes directly on your skin, body art can be a very powerful tool for inner magic. Many of us already use magical symbols and color correspondences for our magic when working with a candle, dressing our altar, or making charm bags.
These symbols and colors that you already use can be employed in magical body art. You can do some quick body art magic by drawing Mercury symbols on the soles of your feet for safe travel, or a healing symbol on your solar plexus.
Here is a simple charm to enchant a symbol that you put temporarly on your body. Draw the symbol and then with the intention that it will continually draw power until it is gone,
Place your right hand (left if you are left handed) orver the symbol and say.
I charge this symbol on my skin
With simple lines that I create.
May it manifest my will within,
And set in motion wheels of fate.
With harm to none, so mote it be.
If you choose to make your own mix here is a good recipe.
Henna powder
Warm water
Lemon juice
Zipper sandwich bag
Mehndi oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, patchouli oil, or lavender oil.
Tea light candle
Put the desired amount of henna powder you wish to use in a glass bowl. (henna will stain anything else) Add equal parts of warm water and lemon juice until you get a nice paste about the consistency of toothpaste.
Really mix it well; you don't want any chunks at all. Now you can add a few drops of the oil you have chosen . You may wish to choose the oil corresponding with your magical purpose. Now comes the hard part' you have to wit. Mehndi has to sit for a while or it won't work, so take the opportunity to magically charge your paste. Put your bowl of mehndi paste or tube of premixed where it will be out of reach of children and pets for a few hours uncovered. Set the tea light next to it, light it and recite this charm several times.
Mehndi, lemon, and oil blend,
Until this magic candle's end,
Containing power deep within,
And leave its mark upon my skin.
Leave your paste undisturbed until the candle burns out, (about 4 hours)
While your candle burns, gently exfoliate the area of skin you plan to decorate.
Using a small spoon, fill one corner of the sandwich bag with paste.
Twist the bag to push it into the corner and zip the bag closed. With a pair of scissors, clip just the smallest tip off the corner-- Remember, you can always make the hole bigger; but you can't make it smaller. Rub a little eucalyptus oil on your skin where you plan to do your design.
Now, carefully pipe the design onto our skin, much the way you pipe icing on a cake.
It will be a raised design. You may use a magical symbol of your choice and add extra decorative symbols. (be creative)
Whey your design is complete, and it has begun to dry, carefully apply a mixture of equal parts lemon juice an sugar periodically with a cotton ball. Leave the mehndi on for as long as you can, at least six hours or so the longer you leave it on, the darker it will be.
You can warm it with a blow dryer occasionally, as heat really makes it darken, but be very careful not to burn yourself. When you just can't take it anymore, scrape the dried paste off, rinse with clear water, and pat dry. As the mehndi starts to fade over time, visualize that the magic is being absorbed into you. As the design disappears on the physical plane, it will manifest on the spiritual plane.

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