Hi please allow us to introduce ourselves

The Luna Coven is a worldwide Coven of Wiccans and Pagans. It is free to join and all we do within the community is free too. We do not judge, do not discriminate and our main aim is to promote the Olde Religion and to support Coven members to live a happy and fullfilled spiritual life, as one with the Horned God and Goddess.

Who are The Luna Coven?

The Luna Coven is a global Coven of Wiccans and Pagans but we are actually based in the West Midlands, England. We use the Internet to allow us to expand our membership across the world whilst maintaining a smaller locally run Coven that governs how it is run. We are headed by our 3rd Degree High Priestess, Libertine and our 1st Degree Priest, Pendragon who represent the Lord and Lady in our ceremonies. We are a totally free organisation, non-profit and give our advice and support totally free as part of the Wiccan ethic. We follow the Wiccan Rede and the wisdom of our High Priestess in all that we do.

What do they do?

We support Coven members in all walks of life. We offer spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging to something that is soul enhancing, natural and we help people follow the Olde Path and discover their true selves and their full potential no matter who they are. We also offer holistic counselling, teach Wicca and represent ourselves and Wicca to the general public and other Wiccan/Pagan organisations such as the Pagan Federation.

Where are they?

Although we are based in the West Midlands, England we welcome anyone from anywhere around the world. Spirituality is global - free of borders, barriers and nationalities. We interact online using our FaceBook page and a free chatroom. If you are local to us we may even invite you to join us personally and join the inner circle once fully initiated.

How can I join?

Anyone can join for free who has an open heart, is true to themselves and others and willing to follow the Wiccan Rede and the guidance of the High Priestess and Priest. Even total beginners are welcome without initiation at our basic level and we can help you attain full initiation and fully explore yourself and your sexuality. Just contact us to find out more.

"As it harms none, Do as thou whilst shall be the whole of the lawe"

Our website

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Comment by Noe Tellusom on November 30, 2013 at 11:56pm


I have a few questions and concerns with the Resource page of your site.

I was looking through the materials on your site - many of which seem to belong to others (for example Book 1 and 2, I believe, are by David Colon) but aren't correctly attributed to him as the author. It would be best to correctly give credit to their authors, if you have permission to re-post them.

Are you folks credentialed in Universal Eclectic Wicca? I'm curious given you appear to be using their materials. For example, the first book has several American reference points, including DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Universal Eclectic Wicca - which may be confusing to folks in England, where Wicca is generally what Americans would term British Traditional Wicca - especially given the high numbers of Gardnerian and Alexandrians in England who have been rather specific and successful there in keeping the term Wicca specific to their practices.

Comment by Antony Mark Tilt on May 26, 2014 at 2:20pm

Hi Just like to say hello to Luna Coven.   I have only just come across this group today.   I was interested in it as it based in the West Midlands.   I have been to a number of events over the years with a couple of groups and gone through the first couple of years of Wicca but never completed the three years.


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