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New Age piano? You remember don’t you? George Winston. David Lanz. The mid 1980’s and 12 step groups?

Well, it’s back. Thanks in no small part to the efforts of online piano teacher and composer Edward Weiss.

Weiss owns and operates and says sales have never been better. Weiss explains…

“With so much going on in the world today, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce stress. New Age piano music has been proven to slow the heart rate and breathing down when listened to. It has an even greater effect when it’s actually being created.”

With over 100 lessons and 1000 subscribers at the site, this ‘New Age’ piano man has devoted over 10 years to this online venture. When asked why he does it, Weiss says…

“Ever since I heard George Winston’s CD December coming through a pair of speakers at San Diego State University, I knew that playing and eventually teaching people this style of piano was for me. Besides, there’s plenty of classical teachers out there along with Jazz. I’m pretty much in a niche of my own.”

Weiss is offering a Holiday freebie - a free 'new age' piano lesson titled 'Summer Morning.' Find it now at

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