The Temple of Underworld Studies is offering a 20% discount on the enrollment for the Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic Class between November 1st and December 31st.   The regular price is $358.95 for an entire year of online access and the facebook class group forum.  With 20% the cost reduces to $287.16.  You save 71 dollars and change if you enroll between now and the end of the year.  

This is an intensive beginning magic class with lessons each month provided on a drip content.  You have access to me for question answer sessions on the closed Facebook group, video lectures and PDF downloads.  Class consists of 80% lecture, and 20% meditation technique and also personal challenges each month to work through.  Prices for this class have been adjusted in the check out form on the main website.  No coupon code is necessary. Just follow the link below to the home page to learn more about the class.   If you would like to be notified of new updates, there are opportunities on the site in many places to opt in to the mailing list!  

Temple of Underworld Studies

I'm also offering this same discount in my Etsy store where I offer a variety of tarot reports, astrology reports, and I've just listed some used occult books I'm putting up for sale out of my personal stash.  If you purchase 20.00 or more from the Etsy store you can use this coupon Code HOLIDAY20 for a 20% discount at check out.  This code will not be activated until Nov 1, and it will be deactivated automatically on Dec.  31. Write this code down as you will have to manually input it in to the appropriate box when you check out at the Etsy shopping cart. 

Enter the Nekeuomanteion on Etsy here  to use your coupon code. 

Blessed Samhain! 

Monique Lockhart

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