Seriously my head is spinning from everything that has just taken place in the last 8 hours.


1. I got approved and am now on a long journey to creating the Pagan Pride Day 2012 for St. Louis... how f-in exciting is that?! I'll tell you how exciting.... really. I mean really exciting. Now I just have to find a co-coordinator or two to help me get the ball moving. Its a year away but not a minute too soon. I'm so excited.... seriously.


2. I'm finally getting that Ziplining group together, also exciting.


3. Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball anyone... I'm trying to get a pagan group going for it but so far its a rocky start but I got tons of info and have been emailing the poop out of people trying to get some interests. Not as exciting but healthy!

4. Did I mention we are gonna be doing PPD 2012 in STL? Oh yeah I did... how about how excited I am about it?


5. We got some new members on our website(s)... I know I'm dorky but I absolutely freak over new members.


6. I just realized we need to start advertising for our Beltane Event.... shit, we have no money, crap. Now I'm less excited.....


7. My mom told me I'm possessed by the devil, he is in my heart apparently and I need to be healed. That part isn't exciting, more like frustrating.


8. There is something else I'm excited about but I can't think of it.....crap. I'll think of it later and add it HERE

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Comment by Ada on August 16, 2011 at 5:50am
congrats, even on the Mom thing, means she knows there's a change in you and she can tell it ain't Judeo-Christian


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