Here in the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, a time to honor the Dead. How doe we as Pagan Warriors Honor our fallen? In these days of our "War On Terror", there are many around the world who have family and/or friends who went off to serve and have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice.  

So, how do we Honor them?

Here is what I am doing:

I am having a BBQ with my neighbors, friends, and family and before we partake of the food I will be lighting a fire in a pit that I prepared beforehand. I will speak of those who have served this Country and gave their lives to protect our people and way of life. I will do a Roll Call of friends from the Rangers , SF, and Delta, and a call for all those I do not know personally who have fallen in the current conflicts, and petition Othinn for their entrance into Valhalla.  Into the fire I will cast a choice piece of meat as an offering to the GODS. We will then enjoy a good meal and tell stories and tall tales of adventure and daring.


I would be honored to hear of others and what they are doing.


Live Hard, Die Well!

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