It is a time of heat or of cold, of eternal summer or winter. It is a time of life or death. Vishnu is breathing life into existente: "Maha-Vishnu breathes out, and the universes come into being for trillions of years. He breathes in and absorbs all the universes and their inhabitants back into His body until His next exhalation in the cycling of creation."

This world is created in duality yah and weh, sia and hu, in and out. The zodiac has four corners: man, bull, lion and eagle. The manbull is the bringer of destruction, shu or shiva, moshe/Moses  and the cold wind. The lion eagle is the bewarer of life, bahura mata,  brahma, abraham.

Both are in a war between life and death, even though after death will come forth New life. The seed of winter growing a new sprout in spring.

Brahma is the sprout coming out of the ground.

Brahma also means rooster, just as bahura mata is sitting on a rooster. Horus also means rooster. The Sun god or creator of time and movement.

Mercurius or Merc-horus the one closest to the sun.

The rooster eye.

Opposite him is saturn, the bull

The baphomet. The same coin, but turned around. The dark side of the moon. The crescent is His horns. Yah is a god of the moon crescent. He is a life giver, because life rises with the womb of the moon:

So physical reality, the solid moon, gets impregnated by the Light of the sun. That is why plant life grows to the sun. It gets stronger and sprouts out of the ground, like a child out of the mother's womb.

Aquarius is the constellation of winter in the northern hemisphere, but in the southern it is hapi, god of the nile (spine), bringer of the waters of life.

And there we have the eye of horus again, the brain, the roosters eye of life, rising from the grond/womb.

So aquarius is an age of life. That's why now is said to be the time of mashiach. Mem and shin is moshe, the sun dividing (vaporising) the waters. Mem for water, shin for fire and mashiach or chet for marriage. It is a marriage between water and fire, shiva and shakti meeting in the middle of the head or the ajna/third eye:

Shiva or shu (egyptian god of breath), unites geb and nut, shakti, the divine goddess of life, bahura mata. Geb is rising, like the phallus and gets birthed in the sky. Ra or horus is born. For light is life. Fire is the destructive power   , but light is life!

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