* IMPRESSIONS AND THEIR MASKS - May 2015 - Revised June 2019 *

Meeting somebody new, being introduced to somebody new to us...

In the present day different Cultures, we all are well-trained like trained-puppy-dogs to put forward our very best version of ourselves to other people.

Usually that poetic and theatrical version of us, that good-for-business version of us, that version who has been carefully calculated, crafted, rehearsed and cosmetically edited for success.

And well, in the end, it is always very neatly modified in order to adapt to unforeseen demands and ready to please and to entertain others.

It is there in our own locational “socio-politico-religio” programming and conditioning.

It is part of the commercial / good-for-business Masks that we are required/forced to wear for well-paid work in order to be successful in the Corporate World. Many people, they end up found and lost amidst the shallow farce of the "It is just Business, nothing personal".

And these people, they really become the masks that they wear and they lose their Nature, they lose their natural Value and their personal Meaning.

And all along the way, they were taught not to question what really matters and for that reason they journey from cradle to grave without a clue, cycles and cycles of families, whether wealthy or poor, not a glimpse of their rightful place in their world to individuate / to achieve individuation and to carve their own Belief and Language for themselves, their own Values and Ways of Conduct and something real, with dignity, with more humanity, and that reflects them the people as they truly are and feel, and not some obsolete, biased, primitive, ignorant and harmful “socio-religio-politico” ideas and mandates of other people.

I shall be quite pleased when some future time shall come, when the 99% of the world population becomes intelligent, factually well-informed/educated and bravely wise enough to question their mainstream (other people's invented/men-made) Belief and Language and also its associated/appended (other people's invented/men-made) Values and Ways of conduct.

A Civilisation's Sign of Great Culture & Enlightened Intelligence is indicated when its People are actually Able & Capable to Direct Their Problems straight to their very Sources, to the Creators thereof, to their very Origins!

And such may well seem childlike-simple but in reality it always does require factually Well-Informed People who are able & capable of Critical Thinking on behalf of Themselves individually and on behalf of their own individual and collective Best Interests.

And ironically poetic because all we can do is wishing on behalf of empowered freedom with wisdom for all on earth! After all said and done, we all can only really and truly Give what we can find "first" in our own selves to give.

In this sense, Giving & Receiving always define All Changes.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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