Peter Steele's death left another mental scar in my memory that will be hard to get over. It goes along with all the other deaths over the years with the people I love and will never forget how much they influenced me.
Type O Negative's music was always there from my first boyfriend till the last, till my own death, to the bad times as well as good times in my life. Telling me to not give a shit and never let things get you down. Embrace death as well as life but to let it go at the right time when your ready.

I'll never forget the time I bought black hair dye,went up to my room,popped on TON'S Black No 1 and dyed my blond hair black for the first time.My mom just about killed me for that.
The time comming and going back home in the car from the local Goth Clubs in New York City,what a fuckin night of Blood and Fire.
Times of my first boyfriend and I broke up and felt I had no one. But someone was always there.I embraced the dark times I went through my life and had help from TON's music.It was always there.
Thank you for influencing me to play bass too Peter,I love playing Black No 1,its one of the best catchy bass lines i've heard.

I remember my dad saying: "I wan't to be the perfect asshole."(Hes from Brooklyn,mind you...)and I told him:"Sorry dad,that status is already taken." and asked by who. I told him by Peter Steele. And he started laughing because he knew who Peter was.So does my mom too actually...
My husband bought me Dead Again for no reason at all last year.He put it on in the car and I was thinking,wow it sounds like TON, he said it was...I Love That Album,its a great piece of work!

Thank you so much for the great memories and having made the music you did.I love you so much for so many reasons.

Don't stop being Seventh Void,your music is beautiful...

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Comment by Ardduc on June 5, 2010 at 3:54am
It was indeed a sad, and strange day.


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