Interesting crystal experience and something weird

Yesterday I got a tattoo of a bear print on my ankle. Long story short for the reason behind it is I found one of my spirit guides is a brown mama bear, and she gave me the courage not to hide who I am anymore. This is my third tattoo, but it is the first to have any meaning behind it, and the first in color. I don't know if either of those points has anything to do with my experience this time around, but this tattoo isn't as fun as i was wanting it to be. My other tattoos gave me no issues, but this one is swelling and hurting today. Could be the placement too though considering I've been on my feet all day working, and my other tattoos are on my back.

Anyhow, I tried keeping it elevated after I got home, but that didn't help. It seemed to make it worse actually. Then I tried ibuprofen to hopefully relieve some of the swelling, but that didn't work either. (I also used some natural lotion rather than chemical-y lotion.) Then as I was laying in bed I thought about a raw piece of citrine I recently purchased. As soon as I thought of it, I knew I had to use it on my ankle. My boyfriend got it down from the shelf for me and I was instantly like WTF! When I bought it, it was very dark yellow, almost orange and at that moment, it was clear! There was the faintest bit of yellow in it, but it really looked like he handed me a clear quartz. It has been  sitting in a bowl with a few other crystals that I plan on using for the past few weeks. The bowl was actually where I sense some negative/harmful energy on occasion. I'm not sure if its a ghost or some other thing but its a thing not just like icky energy left in the room. When I saw the change in the color of the crystal, I automatically said one of those crystals clearly needed to be cleansed, or something in that area.

I still wanted to use the crystal for my leg I felt like it could really help. As I was holding it I just started thinking about how a pendulum could help, if only I had citrine pendulum. I didn't feel like I should use my amethyst pendulum (the only one I have). Then I noticed one end of the stone was pointed, kind of like an arrowhead not really like a crystal wand or anything. But then I thought I can make this a pendulum! I asked my boyfriend if we had any string or thread in the room, but we couldn't find anything so I picked a hair on the back of my head, pulled it out and tied it around the crystal. I held it over my tattoo, and it started swinging then spinning. As it spun, my ankle started to feel better and after a few minutes the swelling actually did go down! It wasn't completely back to normal, but much less swollen, and only swollen directly around the tattoo.

For a bit after that I just let the pendulum spin in front of my face because I was proud of it, and it was really working for me. As the pendulum was spinning it got bright orange! (It did this when it was spinning over my tattoo as well). I really felt like this pendulum wanted to tell me something but I wasn't thinking anything at the time besides that I wanted my leg to heal properly and not hurt/bother me and that I was really happy with the way the pendulum was helping. I couldn't figure out what it wanted to say, so I stopped it after a bit and when I held it, I watched the color fade from it, like a teeny person living inside the crystal dimmed the lights in their little citrine house. It was really crazy! I've never had experiences like that with a crystal before, though I have used them for various reasons and noticed color changes after using them. I never saw the changes as they happened before.

Now shortly after that, I was on facebook, and I saw a picture my aunt posted earlier today. I saw the picture earlier and didn't notice anything odd about it, but this time I got a funny feeling when I saw it. I couldn't stop looking at it. (It was just a picture of her face, she had some "crazy hair," like for "crazy hair day"). The more I stared at the picture, the more I started to notice that she looked like two completely different people. The left side of her face (the right side of the picture) looked like it was being pulled down. It looked like she was very sad or very aged on that side but perfectly normal and at least semi-happy on the other side. (She's still in her 30's so looking extra aged is odd to me). I was getting a really eerie feeling from the picture, so I asked my boyfriend to look at it and see if he could see or feel anything from the picture and he immediately noticed a shadow on the wall behind her directly over the side of her face that looked odd to us. I acknowledged that it could have been someone walking by out of frame that cast the faint shadow, but I was surprised that he had seen it so quickly and I didn't even see it until he pointed it out. There's so little context in the picture that I can't even tell if she is sitting or standing so that the shadow couldn't logically be from another person. We don't know what the shadow is but we thought it was odd/ interesting that it was directly over that area of her face.

My aunt and I have had a falling out, but we used to be very close. I really hope that the shadow was just a shadow, and that there isn't anything bothering her, or bringing her down. The picture has me a little worried for her.

I know this is a bit scattered and weird but that's how my night's been. And I wrote this down mostly for myself, I assume not too many people will actually read it. However, if someone is reading this and has anything to say about it, go for it. Blessed be all <3

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