International Asatru Summer Camp and Germany

Heilsa All,

I've been home since Sunday, back from a 2.5 week tour through Germany culminating in less then a week at the International Asatru Summer Camp in Denmark before heading home via Dublin. I had an awesome and relaxing time in Germany.

From a spiritual only perspective, this was the skinny -

I declined going to the opening ritual as a result of philosophical differences. I was uncomfortable with the preamble explanation of what the ritual was about. In the end, it wouldn't have been a problem as it was more like watching a Blot as opposed to a being part of a formal Blot. I suppose my loss.

There were a metric Ton of classes. I wished I could have gone to the Seith class. But it was an all-day commitment and the opportunity cost was too high with the other stuff going on. Not to mention, I wasn't going to record rituals for Ravencast.

My German kinsman did a quasi-symbel (a symble but with a chant and a libation) and that was impressive. We had several different Asatruar from many different countries around the world all worshiping the Norse gods all in the same way. (With the singular exception of the Swede who did a chant/song for his time at the horn.) Blots without borders! :)

We met a lot of good people.

We did a symble in Dusseldorf with my kin from Germany and the folks from Raven Kindred North who came on the trip. That was nice. There is nothing like a good three rounds of the horn to really keep everyone together and kinship strong.

Wes Thu Hal
David Carron

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