My husband and I started last week on Monday and we FINALLY got the last box out yesterday so it was a long move. It was worth it,the new apartment is bigger(i think I picked it out the most because of the kitchen,its bigger than the last one,lol JK.) Has a small bathroom, nice extra bedroom and a BIG living room. Nice deck outside,we're on the 2nd level so we have a nice view.

Its different being here because I always lived in a wooded area and I look outside and theres a big building outside lol,it will do. Its 14 minutes away from Helsinki so its not that bad. Its a new area to explore.

The cats are now friends, three of them used to fight for territory but they stopped doing that when they moved here(Midnight,Atena,And Kata) and the youngest one Allu always meows,hes not used to it yet. You pick him up and he stops meowing. All the cats sleep in the bed with us,thye don't fight over it,its great:D

We have a few more boxes to unpack and posters to put on the wall but everything mostly is done,we worked hard for a while trying to get everything ready:D

Moving is stressful,it is, but its worth it now, the kitchen is great!;D

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