Life as me.........or why the hells did I get up this morning?

I've been wondering what in the hells is wrong with me, and then it hit me........I'm normal, it's the rest of the universe that's screwed up!

I've found out that my taste in life stories, movies and what not isn't for everyone. Neither is my sense of faith in being a Pagan. I find myself the brunt of "everyone's" problems, the person least enjoyed in conversation, and the quite literal adaptation of the "troubled person". I don't understand why, it's not as though I'm someone to hate. I just have been taught by one of the most wonderful Elders on the planet that in order to fight our way through years of ignorance, we have to yell, scream, and vent our troubles. Not hide them! If this means we have to scream in order to get someone to stop seeing the world through rose colored glasses, then fine. Just don't let everyone's perceptions cloud what you believe.

This causes alot of trouble for me, and I don't understand why. Is it because their perceptions are "sacred" to them? Or is it because they just don't want to see every angle of the conversation or problem?

So, in light of that, I've come to an epiphany of sorts. I'm not going to fall into anyone's "category" any more.

Yes, I realize that sounds trite, but honestly, it's more difficult than you'd been led to believe. It's going to be more effort than the decision to be a Pagan. So, wish me a relatively safe, if not halfway smooth travel. LOL

So, for now, I leave off with the beautiful chore of dishes, maybe in the suds I can find the road less traveled.....Or maybe I'll just wash my cat......

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Comment by Fantumofthewinds on March 7, 2009 at 3:49pm
Laughss either way you gotta mingle with the soap . some days are tougher then others , but life does go on . MP Fantumofthewinds


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