I feel limited by studies. I want to see, smell, hear, taste magickal things. I know its all around and in everything, I some how feel a lacking sense OF magick. I have pagan friends its just i think Im lacking or limited by not being with them. I was in a pagan study group before and it was wonderful, we all were learning and giving views, ideas just plain sharing of things we knew and throwing info in the group.
I feel thats what im looking for another pagan family where we all add to the others ideas and what not. or mabye im looking but just not seeing it. I have always had a hard time seeing the forrest through the trees.
This site may be the forrest im looking for i might need a map or breadcrumbs to help walk in this area. im new to this site. I havent used it much. now that i have the time this is when i choose to be.

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Comment by PurpleHazeB on December 9, 2009 at 12:09pm
I know that the personal face to face it hard to do right now for you and for me but don't give up, try not to falter with your studies, just keep on trying and whisper whisper whisper for help from the God & Goddess meditation on all you learn and see what is kept near your heart,


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