Love vs. Fear ala John Lennon... Donnie Darko never understood...

Although I kind of accepted over time, as a child I wondered why the LOVE vs. FEAR concept had "fear" in place of what I had been taught was the linguistic opposite of love- "hate". I have come to understand that fear is the ultimate opposing force of love because they are both uncontrollable. I have personally found I can make no real conscious decision over what I love and what I fear. It only comes to me, into me... and all I can control is what I do with said love or fear after those forces come into play. Hate, on the other hand, is chosen. We, as a species, often hate what we fear... and fear what we don't understand. But we choose that hate. Just as we would choose to lust over what we would find love for. That said, perhaps little doses, controlled doses, of lust and hate can play healthily into our views or opinions... though they can be poisonous, as many medicines and drugs can be, if taken too often or in large quantities. Just a little thought I am compelled to share... out of love!

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