I have been researching and reaching out to the entities/dieties that have spoken to me. For this I called out to them and asked them to show me a sign of them to help identify them more surely.

A meditation I recently used and the result:

Breathing evenly and deeply, I envisioned myself on the edge of a wide river in the woods. I could smell the pines, the grass, the wet light decay of the woods. I could feel the sand and grass on my feet and legs. I looked around and took it all in, shaded by the trees on a comfortable day. I look back to the river and stand, walking slowly into the water. Wading in to my knees, I feel the water cool against my skin, and the soft riverbed sand on my feet. When I am up to my waist, I pause, and turn to face the direction the river is flowing. I lay back and close my eyes, letting the river take me as I float on my back. For a while I just felt the water moving me, fast, but not too fast, in its course. I am suddenly struck with the urge to swim, and go under water. I couldn't say why, but I open my eyes and go straight to the bottom, and grab a pearl that fits in the palm of my hand. I come up to the surface, though not for air. Air had not crossed my mind. When I came to the surface, the river was to my waist again and I could stand. I am facing the opposite side of the river from where I started, and when I look at the bank there is a pair of antlers waiting for me, neatly next to each other. When I come to them I pick them up. There the images ended and I put my meditation to a close.

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Comment by Enigma on June 29, 2018 at 7:15pm

Here is a statue of Tonantzin with Mother of Pearl eyes.


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