Meeting the Morrigan


You Will Need:

1 dark red candle

1 part dragon’s blood resin

2 parts Juniper berries

2 parts Mugwort

2 parts Vervain   

Athame or knife

Dragon’s Blood oil


   The following is a simple ritual designed to welcome the Morrigan’s energies into your life and help you connect to her.  You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish.  It is not necessary to cast a circle, although you can do so if you wish.

   Take the candle and using a knife or your athame carve the Morrigan’s name into the wax.  You may wish to do this using the Celtic Ogham or a magickal alphabet of your choice.  Anoint the candle with the oil.  Take the herbs and mix them together on a plate, when they are evenly mixed roll the candle in the herbs.  Sprinkle any remaining herbs around the base of the candle.   

   Sit in your sacred space and light the candle, saying: 



You who are Maiden, Mother, and Crone,

Triple Goddess of creation and destruction,

Earth Mother, River Goddess, and Dark Crone,

Mistress of Magick and change,

Shape-shifting Goddess of transformation,

Lover and mate of the Dagda,

Warrior most bold,

I honor you and seek your wisdom,

Morrigan I call to you,

In all your faces and guises I welcome you!


   The next part of the ritual is a guided meditation.  You may wish to read through it before hand and run through it by memory or you may wish to record it and listen to it during the ritual.  If you are working with a group, choose one person to read the meditation to the rest of the participants. 

   Sit in a comfortable position, and take three deep cleansing breaths.  Visualize crystalline white light surrounding you...


  You find yourself walking along a winding path.  The road doesn’t seem to go in any particular direction, weaving back and forth in several different directions.  The longer you walk the more lost you feel.  Somewhere above you hear the fluttering of wings.  Circling in the air above is a raven.  Her black eyes regard you curiously before she flies off.  Stepping off the path you follow.  Soon you find yourself in front of a large grass covered burial mound.  At the base of the mound is a small entranceway leading deep into the earth. Three large stones hold the entry way open, and are decorated with spirals and Celtic Ogham.  The raven circles the mound, then lands on one of the stone pillars.  Slowly you walk up to the passageway and trace the spirals with your fingers.  You know this is an entrance way to the Otherworld, a place to honor the ancestors who rest within the hill.  Inspired you decide to leave an offering, only you realize you haven’t brought anything with you to offer.  After a moment you decide what to do.  Taking the small knife that hangs on your belt you cut a lock of your own hair and place it at the entrance way.  The greatest thing you can offer is yourself; that your actions, your thoughts and deeds might honor the ancestors and the mysteries this place represents.  You take a moment to think about how this place is a place of transitions, and consider the changes you wish to make in your own life.  Looking up at the raven, who still regards you with its black eyes, you think of the wild raven goddess Morrigan, who ruled over both life, death, and change of any kind.  The goddess who cared for the souls of the dead, including those buried within the mound before you, and inspired the great deeds of heroes.     

   The raven calls out and you look up just in time to watch as the bird flutters down to the ground, transforming midair into a woman before reaching the ground.

   Her hair is the same black color as the raven’s feathers, with a small streak of white on one side.  She stands a little taller than you, and even under the purple and red robes she wears you can see her body is lean and muscular.  You can’t quite tell how old she is, she seems young and ancient at the same time and there is an ageless feeling to her presence.  Still unable to turn away from her gaze you watch as her face and features change from that of a young maiden, to a woman of middle years, vibrate and regal, then to an aged crone, brimming with secret knowledge.  Even her clothes change, one moment she wears dark armor, trimmed with black feathers, then a richly embroidered gown of fiery red and deep forest green, then dark purple-black robes. 

   “I am all things; I was with you when you first drew breath and will be with you when you breathe your last.  I am the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.  My face is both loving and harsh.  I create as easily as I destroy, though many fear Me, My love is unending for all things.  Men and woman have sought My strength not only for battle but for inner wisdom and strength, to learn the mysteries of the earth and the art of prophesy.”

   She smiles at you and holds out her hand.  You take it, feeling a surge of power flow through you. “I offer you the knowledge of self.  For learning My divine nature is to delve into the depths of the soul and emerge reborn, a sword forged and tempered in My fire, enfolded in My boundless strength.  Will you learn from me my child?”

  You give her your answer.  She smiles, pleased with your response.  Between one breath and the next she turns, changing back into a raven and takes to the air.  A single black feather falls soundlessly into you outstretched hand, and you know the Morrigan will ever be at your side, filling you with her strength, ready to teach you her mysteries and guide you through life’s battles.     

   The scene fades and you find yourself back in your body…


   Extinguish the candle and thank the Morrigan.  Light the candle whenever you wish to connect to the Morrigan’s energies.    

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