I have been totally remiss in blowing the blog off... I have still been getting to all the monthly Blot and ritual stuff but I am getting really tired of running around and 4 hrs to see my wife...

(ahem) Anywho - Midsummer with Raven Kindred North:

This went down in Maine. I traveled with my kinswoman up on Friday after a short pit stop with more kin. The Saterday morning was spent honoring the Landvattir (which one way of saying lots of yard and farm work). We moved ten Icelandic sheep around to place them into some better grazing area, mowed and trimmed the yard, helped do some cooking and cleaning and generally was productive. I, personally, had the pleasure of watering and feeding the chickens that the wife is raising all weekend. They are growing like little dinosaurs. :)

The Blot itself was our usual RKN format and Jon lead the ritual. In place of the usual mediation or reading, we had a number of sacrifices that was around and left over from Yule. At the time, it was too cold to get a fire going and well, obviously no one intended those to stick around. However, this being the height of summer. With all the various economic and personal agony that is going around, this was a perfect time to do some "spiritual housecleaning". The Gods were honored and ancestors praised. We had excellent guests in attendance and lots of rousting toasting.

I always get something spiritual from our rituals. A recharging our the batteries and a fulfillment of those needs.

Hail the Gods! Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir.

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