So anyway more stories about the house that CATHY built! So after Linda left a lady from Egypt she said? took over some of my body with some kind of crazy strong hold and they the lady near the rug broke my leg. It hurt but didn't also the leg turned bright red! there was some talk of maybe something could take the leg and I could return to PURE HUMAN again but I guess the deal did not go through :

So then there is THE CAT HAMLET! Cathy has a BIG FAT Cat with little bitty legs, he weighs about 20 0r 30 lbs! and his back is full of weird bumps :( Anyway he talks all day like a human! he says he is the devil sometimes but mostly I would say he is a wannabee.. LOL

He walks back and forth in the apartment all day looking for conversations to help us with - Me, Cathy and Adrien, and sometimes Miss Carmen she calls in from A town. He gets wild sometimes in the middle of the day in Cathys room. I mean he plots crazy things. I wish he would come up with some more stuff for me.

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Comment by Shanty on June 4, 2019 at 1:13pm

Love your blogs Elisabeth, keep em coming!.


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