I was in a graveyard today, looking at the gravestones of the 1800's. I said a prayer to the Morrigan. The wind picked up and close to me I heard windchimes. I looked for wind chimes and couldn't find any. I ram to the car and told my mom, but she didn't hear it. Going home I saw crows, lots and lots of crows. I saw it as a sign she heard me.

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Comment by Psyche on September 2, 2017 at 4:00pm
Comment by cluthin drew on September 16, 2017 at 4:10am

  There are several different "audio phenomena"  associated with different states of consciousness. One of them is a "shine" this is well attested in many different mystical traditions, and there is a whole "classification scheme"of such phenomena to tell you "what level you are on". For this reason you can be sure that what you experienced is authentic. The Morriggan, often manifests around graveyards because of the special affinity of crows with the kind of energy of graves. Also part of the Formorian mysteries to perform special invocations to her in graveyards, particularly at night and certain phases of the moon. Because such rituals have been performed  in graveyards for thousands of years the corresponding "thought form"can easily manifest in such places and,when it does so it "draws" crows from the vicinity so that they all congregate at the center of manifestation of the form.


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