For Lammas we went to Myrtle Beach, SC with a bunch of my christian family members :P We lit Chinese lanterns, harvested shells, sand and water and generally had a really good time. My xtian family also lit lanterns with us, obviously not for the same purpose but it was nice. We also shot off a ton of fireworks too.

The trip itself was really good, it was the first time our 20 mo. old son has ever been to the beach and boy did he have fun?! He was tumbled about, rolled around and everything else, we found shells out the ying yang and a beautiful Conch shell to top it all off.

I had been requesting a piece of kelp or seaweed our entire trip and on our last day I headed to the beach to pay my respects and low and behold.... I piece of kelp had washed up on the shore. Needless to say I was pretty excited.

When doing ritual I had gotten a little down as it had seemed my offerings where not well received but I guess in the end its the thought that counts.


On the way home, feeling re-energized I finished up a large amount of paperwork that needed to be done months ago. I also planned out my first weather wand made of drift wood, hemp, netting and shells. I also started making plans for some coven adventures and events.


When we got home, we cleaned up the house a bit and I made my first weather wand. It will be cleasened, blessed and concecrated within the next week. I'm really happy with the look of it.


On a little bit of a sad note, one of our coven members has to go on hiatus and my husband has to go back to work sooner then expected. On the opposite side of the hat, now we have a lot magick to be working on. I basically have a list of things that need to be worked on for myself and others in the group.


Well I need to get to bed, I have a busy week ahead of me. Much love to you all!


Oh our blog: will be moved to our new home by august 15th so come over to our official website to keep updated on SMC on goings.

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