well i was in like middle school when my mom died, but this is way before she did.

i was like a little girl eating one of those fat hotdogs and i started to choke, my family just sat and watched as a gasp for air and gagged. i finally spit the hotdog out and my dad said: "you dont have to wat that piece." few years later i got stuck in a tree which my family didnt help me down until i was crying, they didnt really see me... fast forward more, i was apart of a wolf pack, i was cutting my wrist and being like my friends, i was a vampire in a werewolves pack and i was incharge of the "pups" as my friend calls the babies. fast forward more, i was riding my back and these big kids kept bullying me until i crashed into a tree, and i wasnt wearing a helmet... i also crashed along side a curb no helmet, i fell up the stairs, i fell on black ice multiple times and blacked out from it, but i fell out of a tree and i hit my neck on the dirt slope my sister and i made when we was little i saw my self outside my body just laying there... i was crying i didnt wake up until five minutes later but i couldnt scream or call for help, i got the wind knock out of me, but i wasnt wheezing or  being horse like most people get when the wind gets knocked out of them. i also got kicked off of the top bunk bed and hit my mid back and my neck on a sharp corner of a bookshelf landed on my head ontop of hard cover books with my neck going to the side and i still manage to get the bag off my head and walk around like nothing happened. i have alot of out of body exps or time laspe to the past, when my mom died i was in school and i saw my bother driving down the road, i was in a classroom where that wasnt possible... a few months after se died i saw this figure staring at me, i turned around in the mirror... didnt see a reflection, i was scared, i stared him in the black soulless eyes, he pointed to me and his mouth slowly open like he was going to talk, but his clothes was from the old western era, and he had no feet with black circle for eyes and a neck that looks like he has been hung, the only thing i knew before he appeared was the smell of cigars...when he turned i screamed for my dad and followed him and my dad to the kitchen, he disappeared completely... when i had a stillborn a saw a shadowy man in the corner of my hospital room smoking a cig.... i dont know why the spirits are showing themselves to me, i dont know what the first guy wanted or why he pointed to me without a word, or why i am not paralyzed or dead yet... i do need answers 

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