I was signing up on a social network the other day and it asked about my personal beliefs. At first I was just going to put "Wicca" or the "Wiccan Rede". I started to look at the Rede and decided that I should write what the "Wiccan Rede" means to me. So below is a copy of what I put down, I have come to call it "My Personal Rede of Life" I think as Wiccan's or Pagan's we should have our own view of what we believe in, and not just those that are taught to us. We need to once more express ourselves in our beliefs and not just mouthing what we have learned, if we do not then we are doomed to a hollow beliefs system full of dogma and lip service and no emotional attachments to the world around us or those around us or our very own beliefs..

"In the Wiccan way each day I try and walk,
Striving to live the day by showing love and trust,
To all of those in my travels that I meet.

Eight simple words the Wiccan Rede does teach,
And it harms none; do, as ye will...
Unless to defend myself, Coven or Kin,
Never a angered hand shall I raise against my fellow man.
Never forgetting the rule of three,
For what I send into the world shall return to me,
Times three.

I follow this path with an open mind and an open heart,
Joyful to share what I can or to lend a helping hand.
Merry did we meet and merry do we part part."

Blessed Be....

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