I just recently that alot of Wiccans plans their next lives so I decided to do this:

I shall read this on every full moon in front of my alter.
"Goddess of the moon, here my plea. At my death, give a gift to me. Reincarnation, so I can live better. One where I'm well put together. Bless me a Dad with undying love, who will never harm me not even a shove. But a Mom who is quite the same, cause she never hates or shows me shame. Friends to stand by me forever, no matter how bad the future's weather. To be perfect is not my ache, Goddess I plea for just a small break. And two things I want most of all, so that I won't have a horrid fall. I wish to be a person more whole and achieve my every single goal. In my next life I want this to be me, to free me. Please grant it Goddess, so mote it be."

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