i find it very interesting that on a site like this so pitifully few have seen fit to friend ME...the last time i encountered such from a group of avowed wielders was the O.T.O....they cowered from me because my magick is in my blood and is higher than their highest level...you should all REALLY consider what i am doing on this planet as we speak...JOY PANDEMIC is a thing whose time is come...happy people are free people...i only want the best for ALL of humanity and EVERYONE on the planet ALREADY does what i want FROM you...YOU ALL SMILE...so do it more and watch what happens...follow your heart...%)

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Comment by Wolfie on March 6, 2015 at 9:28am

Do you ever stop to think that perhaps people don't friend you back because you seem to have a superiority complex? Something like that is typically off-putting. People often want to friend those who are on the same plane as they are, not have to endure someone's superiority over them. 

Just sayin'

Comment by GANDALF ODAUGHERTY on March 6, 2015 at 11:36am

thank you for your response brother...i was merely stating fact...not that I am superior to anyone for i am NOT...in fact without the help of all of you the foul things that our overlords have planned for us WILL come to pass...i am nothing more that a rallying point for an idea whose time is ripe and again let me remind you...the universe wants you all to be JOYOUS and SMILE...%)


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