My son and I went with my in-laws on their yearly trip to Eagle Crest Resort. They own a time share and they let the whole family take advantage of it, if we are able to.
The resort is nestled next to the Deschutes River, on a cliff. Well, the condos my in-laws get every year are on the cliff. There are other condos that are a safer distance from the river.

Sol, Grand Dad, and I went a couple of 2 - 3 hour long hikes. I collected a pretty good amount of sage on these hikes. I also got a ton of really great pictures. I had hoped to get some wildlife photos, but it is hard to entice any type of wildlife to come out when a 3 year old is in the area. Making sounds like a fire engine. Or zooming sounds like a race car. I did catch a glimpse of what I am positive was a very large beaver. We also saw a small herd of deer go past our condo the first night we were there. My camera was, of course, not near me.
We went shopping in a super cute town called Sisters. If you ever go there, you MUST go to the Sisters Bakery. Their doughnuts will kill you. In a good way. A very very very good way. Grand Dad and Grand Mom also wanted to take Sol into a toy shop. I thought they were crazy, but we did it. He was pretty good in there. A little upset when we left, but mostly ok with it. Partly because he knew 2 certain people had bought some toys for him. He is so spoiled.
We also went into a book store that I don't remember the name of. Sol got a puzzle from that store. I had to bribe him to keep him from throwing a fit. He was getting pretty tired by that time. However, that was probably one of the best bribes I could have gotten for him. I have tried to do puzzles with him before, but he showed no interest in it. During the few days more that we were at Eagle Crest, Grand Dad and Sol played with those puzzles (there were four in the box) and now he puts them together on his own. It's pretty nifty.

On our way home, Sol and I took a different route. I had thought to take him to Maryhill Museum, but it was already pretty late afternoon by the time we got there. I did check the hours so we could back another time. Then we went to the Stonehenge replica down the road from the museum. We had fun running around the stones, playing hide and seek. We only stayed there for about 15 minutes as it was raining.

The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful. We did the crazy thing and drove home on the WA side instead of the OR side. It has been probably a good 8 years since I had drive on 14. It was a nice change.

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