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This is what we are about. To bring everyone back to the old ways of their ancestors. It was these ancient beliefs of the common people to live in harmony with nature and her inhabitants. But unfortunately somewhere down the line for 1 thousand years this disappeared in the name of a Fake Christianity by the Roman Church. To believe in their one and only true God or ELSE you will be tortured and killed. We don’t have to go into this as we already know what happened to humanity from Europe, to the Americas, and Asia. Genocide to ban all who oppose their God and their beliefs. Their God is based on Anunnaki rule to control and dominate the people for their own Interests and turn them into Chattel Marketing Slaves and feed their Political Agenda. In America its “One Nation under a Draconian God” One that watches everything you do, and if you step out of line you will be dammed in the fire of all eternity. BUT HE LOVES YOU? lol (George Carlin)

We are the Gods of Amenti™ who are here to help and support all other groups to go back to their ancestral pagan ways. Go back to the earth for her medicine, instead of dying from Big Pharma because their Draconian Lords Tell you too.
Christianity, Big Pharma, Commerce, the Banking System, the courts are all apart of this one world draconian agenda! Saturnalian power reigned for 1000 years. Now it is time to return to Mother Gaia(Goddess) and Father Sky(The Sun) and celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats to connect with the lunar and solar cycles of nature. This is what we are about, and this is our absolute mission to educate those who’ve had enough of being harassed, and bullied by these thieves who have stolen our cultures, our lands, our families and created the birth certificate to monetize off of our names, and our labour. We have the power to turn this around.
We do this by first capturing the Franchise name which is on our birth certificate bond, put it on the ucc and trademark it so it will no longer be monetized again unless they ask you first. Then we go to create our own societies and trademark those names and put it on our UCC1.
What do you think makes a country? Others ideals? Not from the People. From the Elite. We need to create our own societies, give it a name and capture it for our own interest with our own political agenda, spirituality that is in harmony with human kind and the planet. Countries are Corporations folks. That is the truth and they created these ideals based upon their greed control and power. Now they wish to tighten up borders for whose ideals?
Will you come and join us? We will be holding our own festivals, Sabbats, rituals here in Baja Sur Mexico to start. We will keep you posted when our next one will be.
February 1 Imolg we will meet on Live Stream and its free for everyone who wishes to join us.
In person workshops are coming soon!

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