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So over the weekend- Justin couldn't come over and the spirits - or whatever in the house said they couldn't find somewhere to go for the next time period - be it a house, car ride or a job ;( So I basically decided - since I had been having really bad stomache aches and migraines from the general stress - hang out in my bathtub and read fantasy all weekend!!! Some alien devices showed up - square with different kinds of motifs and faces to monitor my story telling for fantasy material. It was really difficult being there with them - they kept jumping out and in of the thing. I spent maybe 9 or more hours with them, reading I got through - Black Prism, Last Confessor , Witch Wraith and Oathbringer. Hopefully at least some of them felt exhausted and went away! They seemed to be gone that night - sort off.

Nicholas Cage and I have been hanging out. God his hair feels so damn good in my hands He DEFINETELY has a prime place in Houston. On Loves forever list!Wow having sex with him is amazing! I can feel his body - He is WAY bigger than me , like maybe 6 inches taller and like 4 inches wider. We laid in bed for like 3 or 4 hours over the weekend. I wouldn't give back that experience for any amount of pain relief!

So anyway - now the boring painful and tedious Grandpa Jim stuff, he is walking akward around me all day so that Other players can keep up with me and it makes me want to physically vomit. I wish he would find a car in buffalo and drive around for 6 months.

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Comment by Enigma on February 7, 2019 at 10:38am

"...the boring painful and tedious Grandpa Jim..."

Sounds like Uncle Ponto.


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