Last night I slept really well mostly with my pan and spirit friends in the room, we are starting to push the negative ones out and I look forward to my life in texas with a group of determined friends who wish to coexist. So this morning 90 percent of US went on to the bus - it was 5:30! THIS MORNING, had to catch early bus to not be late for class. One of the lesbian bully ones unfortunately was up and waiting for me as I got dressed and forced me to walk with her down the street , my cohorts and I literally threw her body into the neighbors - there are 2 kids there that she could you know enjoy the day with and also at Mephys house. But she refused and continued to bully us down the street. I mean I guess? her head was going up and down my body like a ladder or something? Really rude and unwarranted. Of course she made the bus covered in noxiuous noice as usual. I went  into the bus - there was a huge tower of Black Netting in the sky of Lucifers as I had never rode the bus at that time to see how everyone acted. 

Basically it was ok until THe same ( as previous) one got locked into my helmet and another person on the bus and couldn't seem to turn it on and travel. Got off at hospital she followed me in there I got   physically sick several times, I guess she was IN HER body in Me trying to puke or something. THen walked through the haunted mall, I was going to wait for the bus but I got a really weird feeling from the building so I went through - as I walked the same stupid retard started waving a wand to provoke us to throw up ? She said she is scared of the Poltergeits….spirit scared of poltergeists.. noting again. She walked all over me up the way to the school and seemed to dissipate as I got to the computer lab- read notes from yesterday 

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Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on February 12, 2019 at 8:14am

I also have been sending a steady thread of I am not interested to it for like 3-5 days hoping it will get the message soon.


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