On Thursday we had pancakes.


we'd eat them as quick as they were made. Table syrup, jam, butter, even with salt if we had nothing else. Often the fact was we had nothing else. My goodness Tuesday's were ketchup soup day and we were sent out to accumulate little packages of ketchup. Don't dare come back unless you had ten or more!


It was the experience of three, the first rule of three. No more than three pancakes until every one had three; then if you were still hungry ( Who the hell wasn't, we starved! ) you could have one more, in sequence till they were all gone. Ketchup soup day, well you could have as much of that as you wanted but you had to go easy on the bread.


The allegiances and strategies to obtain an advantage in caloric intake while the cakes were puffing up would have tickled a brinkmanship politician's heart.


You see if you held back while everyone else got a second pancake after their first set of three then you'd end up with the thicker batter and a heavier cake; but you may only get one of those. It was the chance you had to take because you could end up with two, after arguing successfully that you'd been done out of. You might even get done over if water was added to the batter in order to get the remnants from the bowl.


No one was fat in those days. We were living a true democracy. No need to share the wealth when we had so much poverty to go around.


Strange, we were happy. Really happy just to be together. We'd sing silly songs, dance around and make up games. We never walked, we ran - always sort of breathless.


I think I'll make some pancakes on Thursday...........




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Comment by Willowcat on August 27, 2011 at 3:23am
I love pancakes.. I make them for dinner all the time, with cinnamon and nutmeg, and we always get 3 as well,, and that's dinner!


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