This blog is for my kind of people.  Some of these are my favorite celebrities, musicians, and others that seems to influence and inspire me.  This blog topic is about the actress, Phoebe Dollar. 

Phoebe Dollar is an actress, writer, and producer who starred in movies, Goth (2003), Charlie's Death Wish (2005), Hell's Highway (2002), and among other types of horror films and thrillers.  Two movies she is best known for is Goth and Charlie's Death Wish, in which she also wrote, also starring Ron Jeremy. Phoebe found inspiration to Charlie's Death Wish from James Chean's first feature Silent Scream (1999). Phoebe Dollar - Wikipedia

She was born in Durham, North Carolina on July 26, 1979 making her the age of 36.  Her birth sign is classified as a Leo. She married Daniel "Danny" Sinartra, a California native. Phoebe Dollar - Bio, Facts, and Birthdays

She is classified as an underground B-grade movie actress.  In an interview, she talks about how she appeared on The Crow with Brandon Lee, and how she was held as a shield so the villain would not be killed.  She said she hung out with Brandon Lee a week before his death, and how it was a hard time for her.  You can find this interview at Phoebe Dollar - Nanarland.  '

There is not really too much to tell about this talented actress.  From my viewing of the rare interviews and website information in regards to her, she seems like a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky type of person.

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