Piano for Pagans? New Age Piano Course Combines Nature and Music!

When most people think of taking piano lessons, the names Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart spring to mind. But not anymore. At least that’s according to Edward Weiss.

Weiss is a pianist, composer, and webmaster of NewAgePianoLessons.com - an online site that teaches, you guessed it, New Age piano.

When asked why he teaches piano in this style, Weiss responds:

“It’s a very freeing style. You don’t have to read music. You don’t have to spend years playing the ’masters.’ The whole idea is to just learn a few chords and then jump in and improvise. Something I’ve always wanted to do and now that I can, I enjoy teaching others how to do it. The nature aspect is also appealing as many wish to 'capture a mood' and turn it into a piano improvisation or composition.”

The course Weiss teaches now has over 1000 members and keeps growing at a steady pace. Students receive over 100 New Age piano lessons when signing up and also receive a free workbook.

When asked why he thinks so many people want to learn this style of piano playing now, Weiss says:

“I think people just get tired of playing other people’s music - no matter how good. They want to create on their own and the New Age style helps them do just that.”

Weiss is currently offering a free piano lesson and report at his website http://www.NewAgePianoLessons.com

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