Poison Kisses

My Psyche, dressed in shadows
Hovering all around my heart.
An endless flow of tears,
Constrained from the unknown.
Portals to my soul are
The only reflection of this hurt.
"Never again, shall I love"
I declared.
It is not possible to ever receive,
What I have offered to you
Feeling the cold, hard floor
Beneathe my weary knees.

A tired Eros, pulls in his wings,
The arrows doused, in that
Which makes us feel love,
Thrown upon the dusty shelf
In a castle, deep past the wood.
A plea to Aphrodite
"Let me not see beauty"
Lest what I see in you,
For I have loved once before,
And all that remains to me now
Is this perfectly, beautiful heart
Shattered into a many, tiny pieces.

I always admired your beautiful smile,
And those exquisite gorgeous eyes.
I fear I was the only one
That could ever truly see,
The halo, lovely angels have adorned upon thee.
Your lips, soft and lucious,
And the color of crimson red.
Your hands that I have laid kisses upon,
Exemplified Godly perfection.
The warmth of your body,
The fire in your soul
But now, I have simply retired to this deep, dark hole.

You said "I love you."
And my internal fire grew warm
My arrows were laying at the side of the bed
Trust was abused, and blood trickled from my chest.
Your intentions were Dark,
And Cruel and Unkind.
You consumed my spirit,
And raised my heart above my head.
I always flew you to higher grounds,
When my beloved was in need.
I wiped away your tears, and caressed you in the night
Quite a shame, that Love is blind; it could have been a beautiful sight.

In solitude, I remain.
Humble, yet hurt.
If I could ever be granted,
Just one simple wish.
I would simply erase
The malice of your Poison Kiss.

Adam Catronio
27 January 2009
Moon in Aquarius

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Comment by Beldame on February 12, 2009 at 12:54am
you are definitely talented. it's sad to think you would have to live through this to write so eloquently.
Comment by Pisces )-( Moon on February 12, 2009 at 1:19am
aww thanks =) you know what though, someone told if i hadn't gone through that experience that this poem wouldn't have been made and at least something good came out the inevitable... i like to see it that way for sure =) i really appreciate you reading the poem though, thank you so much!!


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