How many ways can you pray? That depends on your definition of prayer I suppose. For me, prayer is simply communication with the divine. In that case, any form of spiritual expression is a means of connecting with and communicating with the divine and thus prayer. This includes not only kneeling down and calling on a given deity for aid or blessing but also meditation and any magickal working.


"If one does not consider the Divine,
magick would not be prayer, but if
one does magick while also seeking
the help of the Divine, it can be
counted as prayer."

- Isidorus quoting another (unknown)

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For me, all my magickal workings go through the Divine. I am a representation of the Divine, and when I embrace my spiritual side by working a spell or crafting a charm, I am aligning with my Divine state. I also often call upon deities during my workings, cementing the relationship between my spell and the greater will. And so, magick is prayer for me.


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Comment by Snow Cloud on September 21, 2011 at 12:37pm
aprayer for me is any though I have where I stop and observe we are all miracle of nature and by takeing the time to reconize it is prayer enough , the magick is your expresion of inhanceing the magic with in us move in love snowcloud
Comment by Syri Whiteflame on September 22, 2011 at 5:44pm
I love that! You're right, sometimes a simple observation and appreciation of nature is enough to feel like you've communicated with the divine, so it would be a kind of prayer. Thanks for sharing Snow Cloud!


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