The Devotee of Wands guards the sacred fire of Wands: creativity and spiritedness. This may be a mood, like enthusiasm or reverence, or it may be an idea, like a plot line for a novel or a concept for a business venture. It can be anything abstract that needs to be protected and nurtured in order for us to live engaged, invigorated lives.

Protecting the Creative Spark

The Devotee of Wands stands guard, because she understands the creative spark fire can go out. Both encouragement and discouragement can equally throw water on the fire. Our enthusiasm can wane if we talk too much, too little, if we’re too secretive or too revealing. Discouraging comments can likewise temper our flame, introducing doubt when our fragile ideas (and egos) need the kindling of belief.

The devotee is guarding the mental, physical, and emotional conditions needed to nurture creativity. The “creative project” may be an actual project, or it may be enthusiastic engagement in our own life. However it manifests, the creativity is our vitality and enthusiasm, and we must learn to nurture and protect it so that we can express it in the healthy and satisfying ways.

Guarding the Labyrinth

This leads us to a deeper metaphor:

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