Happy October! A new month and a fresh, new season. This week on The Spiral Dance, we Retreat Into Autumn! Autumn brings about subtle changes in all of us. Our consciousness begins to shift from the more actively mental to the more psychically receptive state appropriate for the Dark Half of the year.

So, this week I want to do what I can to help you SLOW DOWN, as we make that very important shift in our lives. I want to start with a poem by William Butler Yeats, which is great for Autumn. It's called "The Wild Swans of Coole" And we'll be talking about Persephone and Her descent into the Underworld, and how that relates to the Witch's Pyrmid.

Autumn is a time of Thanksgiving, and so it's also a time of Generosity - we give Out as we give Thanks. And, since the Autumn is associated with the West, and the West is associated with Water, let's take a moment to look at the magickal properties of Water!

Finally, I have a story adapted from Ovid, called "The Three Apples"

I hope you enjoy this week's show!

Some of the music you'll hear on this week's show include Nuit: "Mother Night"; Skyclad: "Letting Go"; Jenna Greene: "Harvest"; Kellianna: "Persephone"; Steve Roach & Roger King: "Gone West" and more.


Maybe you've composed a new poem and would like to hear it on the radio. If you want to submit audio to The Spiral Dance, send me an email. spiraldance1@ excite.com

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