I think that it is important to create somewhere in your house, or outside a place for your sacred space.  A place that as soon as you walk into that area you feel all the cares of the world melting off of your shoulders, and you can take a fresh breath of air into your lungs, and when you exhale see any negative emotions that may still be there.   Let them go into the Universe to never come back to you nor anyone else.

Clearing your house and life of clutter is a huge help.  I know I have a tendency to keep things. "You never know when it will be needed." Right?

So many times when our homes are cluttered so are our minds.  At that point it is hard to find any peace or to get a project completed.  The clutter is a sore thumb.  Isn't it, the sore thumb you always hit when you do anything?  That is what clutter does to our minds.  How can we organize our thoughts when there is disarray everywhere around us.

Take a look around you and pick out the things that you can live without.  I have small pieces of fabric or paper I just might need.  Well, it has been a couple of years now and that need has not arrived.  So, start little, before you know it the extra items will be at another home. Your home is organized and you will be able to think more clearly.
As you start your clean up start easy one hour a day.  Stay in that room for that hour. If you do that everyday in that ONE room eventually your whole home will be without clutter and organized. With the extra items that you have collected in your clean up, either sell at a yard sale, give to a thrift shop, or to someone whom you know could use them.  They are now out of your house and in a new home.'

When you are completely finished with your home you will feel so much better about yourself and your home. I would rather give away my extra items that I came across in my clean up and let someone who could use those items. Your Sacred Space is not about financial gain , rather spiritual freedom.

Our homes reflect who we are.  If we let our homes go to shambles we ourselves are in shambles, for some reason.  Have you noticed when you are down everything around you feels the same way? Our energy is being reflected with our homes and all who we connect to.

This mindset must stop with us.  how can we think clearly, to have toat openness to the Universe, our energies are blocked.

This too takes time.  There is no miracle cure and you will want and feel a need to make a change.  You are the only person who can do it for you! Don't make changes if other people are forcing you or by me telling you, itis your heart, your soul, your spirit that will tell you "I want this change". Go for it!  Full ahead.

Life is a trial.  We all have our own stories, hurts, happiness, love, lost love. We've all been there

Have had our abuses. Have had our hearts ripped out of our chests thru a death of someone we love, or break up with.  Or friends that we have given our trust and love to.

Life is a group of lessons, that we must pass in order to survive. No amount of hypnosis or therapy will work until you are ready to let go.  I don't understand why we hold unto some hurts, could it be becuase we feel guilty, if we let them go?  That the person we mourn for will think we have severed that tie by letting go? I feel it is our inner desire to hold unto anything even hurts ifwe can still feel emotion for that person.  Well guess what. We're not hurting that person they are free. no pain, no sorrow.  Except they weep when we cry for them.  Just think about it.  Would you want your loved ones to cry over you?  Of course not.  so, start by letting go of that pain and ache.  Don't let it control you.  Be happy for those who have passed this life.

They are not gone.  They are still with us.  just listen in the quiet and look for signs. They willl show you.

I have a friend that reciently passed from cancer.  We wrote each other for over eight years., and when she passed she let me know. I was in bed my eyes shut, my husband just leftfor work and I heard the door to my bedroom open and I heard footsteps, and they came to my side of the bed, and I felt a very light kiss on my forehead, then footsteps walking away. I opened my eyesand there was no one I could see there. But, I knew that someone Iloved had passed.  I thanked whoever it was and told them I love them.  Sure enough it was my friend. I then got survivors guilt.  I had cancer in 2010 and was told that without radical treatment I had two months to live.

So you see we all have stuff that we hold unto.

I was there when my mom died.  I told her to go, that it was ok. That my grandparetns were waiting for her, I touched her hand and I told her that "I love you". My mom had one single tear fall from her eyes. I knew that was "I love you too".

I still hear my daughter's voice telling me "Daddy's dead" over the phone.  My oldest daughter from my first marraige and my oldest from my marraigenow went over to se him and he was dead.  He had cancer from agent orange.  All, I can say it was awful, his esophagus burst and he drowned in his own blood.  That same summer my dad passed.

It was awful, and to see my daughter in somuch pain just hurt more.

I guess what I am trying to sa is in order to create sacred space with in yourself you have got to stand up tall, tell everyone yu love them and hit that delete button.  Watch it all go away , all the pain go.   Certainly keep the memory of the person, but delete the pain.

When I had cancer and started chemo my hair was down to the middle of my back.  So when it stared coming out in handfuls I decided to cut it and give it to locks of love., and instead of crying Imade fun of myself and my bald head.  My husbands and I best friend brought me over some turtle wax so I could buff my head.  I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes.  I'd pull my wig off infront of one of my grandsons and he would laugh, and really not know why grandma was bald.

So medical problems. hit the delete button watch it fade away.

Once you have yourself clear and your home clear you are ready to set up that sacred space.

Your home can become your sancturay and you can recharge your spirit.  It is a place of divine energy, that you can recharge your battery.

You want peace in your life make your home that center of peace.

Decorate it the way that it appeals to you and your inner being.

I enjoy bellly dance and spiritual things and witchy things.  That willl be represented in my home.

If your like me their isn't alot of funds to begin with so again start small.  Yard sales, thrift stores.

That old wicher chair you spied wth a free sign on it . Take it home pain it.  Either use iton your porch or put it in your flower garden.  Place flowers all around it.  During the day when it is still nice and cool bring your drink of choice, and a good book. Days start off peaceful, are usually days you can get a lot done. Your mindset is on peace and happiness.  All is well with the world.

Remember all life is energy it is constantly moving,,, contstantly flowing.  We are one with our Mother Earth and all Her creation, and with the Universe.  The moon, sun and stars, itis so infinite.  Mother Earth supports and sustains us.  Have you taken off your shoes and felt the grass and soil under your feet?  Do you feel a connection? If you haven't been bare foot in the grass since childhood, please do it.  It feels so good, and I for one fel so grounded to everything around me.  As Iwrite this I am sitting in the swing outside, I hear my horse and donkey as they greetme with snorts.  The birds at the feeder, and a robin is taking a bath in the bird bath.  Flowers are in bloom, the grass and trees so green.  I let my body take in the peace of the woods.  A bumblebee just flew past my face wishing me a good morning as she goes about her daily routine.

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