The fox screams. Cries out its shrieking warning, come hither call. An eerie sound, breaking the drone of cicadas and crickets, the occasional coyote yelp. Here I am, she says. I have been hearing a fox nightly the past few months. I know there are babies in the den down the road. She seems to be coming over the ridge the past few nights behind our house, crossing thru our garden plot, over the road and down to the next ridge. Id like to see her, gaze upon her as she observes me. I think we could have something in common. I dont know if shes feral. I assume she is who has stolen the duck eggs out of the backyard though. I dont know if i want her inside the fence, might not be good to fence her in, in case she got disorientated, and couldnt get back out the way she came in. Need to fix where shes been getting in if i can figure it out. I thought at first we had a mountain lion roaming the woods after hearing her yell. I was a little, well, a lot nervous while walking after dark. But now i feel a kindred for her. I spoke to the neighbor about keeping my ducks, as they have a large pond. She mentioned her husband had missed the fox several times, hes trying to shoot her when she crosses his pasture. Shes on her way to her babies, they are but less than 50 yards from there. I hope he misses everydamn time. I see her eyes in my mind. Shes just being herself, doing what she must, what is natural. This is more her land than ours. I remember red foxes once living in that same den when i was a child. Funny commentary coming from a foxhunters daughter, its a family tradition. But i feel her need to survive when i hear her cry. That need to move, to run, to find what she needs.

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Comment by Mary, Mary Quite Cuntrary on June 1, 2011 at 1:28am

LOL!  I was tryin to fix my font on the bloggy!

There you are approved!


Comment by DarEpsilon on June 1, 2011 at 1:30am
There's a possum that comes by my place, he/she will get close as long as you don't say "how's it goin fatso" (it's fat haha). Guess it don't like the name, it runs off everytime. Then there's Rocky the Raccoon, he's always huntin seed that's fallen from the bird feeder, he doesn't run away no matter what you call him haha. He likes to tease my Maltese and I think she likes teasin back.
Comment by Mary, Mary Quite Cuntrary on June 1, 2011 at 1:39am

Ooooh thats cool Lola!  I dont think you need to up the dosage lol!  I see vultures alot.  And i get the wierd dejavu feeling fromthem.  My daddy was probally laughing his ass off at me not knowing what that was at first.  Ive been foxhunting, but i stayed in the camper where wumens stay. 

THats neat DarEpsilon!   We had a huge raccoon and a whole bunch of possums, damn coon ate my hens. :(

Comment by Mary, Mary Quite Cuntrary on June 1, 2011 at 8:38am
I hope so too Dee, i didnt hear her last night, late.   Usually i hear her both in the early evening and late hours.  What a wonderful dog, Gertrude, what a darling name! 
Comment by Mary, Mary Quite Cuntrary on June 1, 2011 at 8:56am
I hope if she moves them, its away from the road.  Theyre too close to it, and to the neighbor that is shooting.  She ate all my eggs and the duck isnt laying now.  Thats probally what shes after in the pasture too, since thats where their ducks are at.

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