Items needed
pink or white votive candle
small bowl of sugar
small hand mirror

Light the pink/white candle and place it in front of the bowl of sugar. Hold the mirror up to the candle and focus your intentions into the candle while staring at the flame, hold the mirror up to the bowl of sugar and focus your intentions, and then hold the mirror up to your face, stare at your reflection and gaze into your own eyes. Concentrate on your inner and outer beauty, your lovability, your desirability and any other positive aspects about yourself. While looking into the mirror say:

"In the grace of abundance & love,
I affirm I am greatly desirable and beautiful,
Inside & out, through and through,
And I open myself to the bounty of love around me,
I will speak to all I meet with confidence
Never doubting myself, my decisions or my instincts
The flow of love, romance, and partnership is all around me,
I have the Power to create and attract romance
As pure and as sweet as this bowl of sugar I have placed before me"
So I believe, So mote it be”

Then take the index finger of your power hand (usually the one you write with), dip your finger into the bowl of sugar and taste the sugar.

Allow the candle to burn out. After the candle has burnt out your love spell is complete.

This spell was written by me feel free to change things as you see fit.
You are more than welcome to copy and repost onto another website or blog post.
Bright Blessings,

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