SNEAK PEAK! Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic, "The Meaning of the Ceremonial Circle, Lesson 2 / LECTURE ONE.

I'm giving everyone a complementary sneak peak at this video lecture which is part of the first month's installment of lectures. There are 5 other lectures in the first month series that follow this one. So here is your teaser. (And if you are wondering what the sound in the background is, it's a fan... it was boiling in the room the night I filmed this. )

Please feel free to share with your friends. If you are intrigued, you can find out more at and then click to either opt in for another free video series to learn more, or you can just choose to register for the class on the web site. Class starts Sept 28, 2017, so share with your friends and pass it around, as there is still a couple of weeks left to decide before the start date.

You will have access to a facebook classroom group page when you enroll, and I will be interacting with you each month on the class syllabus and in the facebook group.

This class goes for an entire year. Here is a comprehensive list of topics that will be covered in the class. These are general topics from a broad spectrum of resources to give you a good solid idea of what to expect when you actually embark on an initiatory practice of Wicca or ceremonial magic. This class is 80% lecture and 20% meditation technique, and includes a lot of inward looking personal daily life challenge exercises, which are designed to help you improve the quality of your daily life, within the framework of a ritual magic context. This allows you to experience ritual magic in a practical and useful way, as a lifestyle choice, and not just a formal practice that you do once a month, while reading from a book. This class is designed to put you into an experiential relationship at a sensory level with your magical practice.

1. The meaning of the ceremonial circle
2. The creation of sacred space
3. The lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram- in great depth, (From the Golden Dawn system)
4. The four elements & their importance in magic and psychology
5. Chakras and the physiology of psychic phenomenon
6. The function of archetypes
7. The left hand path, an introduction to what it is
8. Polarity magic
9. Eco magic and earth activism
10. Connecting with personal deity and the meaning of initiation
12. Self dedication ceremony
13. Whats next for you?
Each of these topics will be given to you each month, on a drip content when you enroll. Each month will consist of 4-6 video lectures designed to keep you busy for the month until the next lesson becomes available to you. You will be given PDF's for downloading, and personal challenges as homework assignments and you will be encouraged to participate in the private/ closed onlinne facebook classroom which is only open for students who enroll.

Graduates of The Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic, online class, will be eligible for my Wiccan intensive training program which is a three year initiatory training program, which will include a continuing of basic fundamentals and mechanics of Wiccan ritual, spell crafting, wheel of the year celebrations, and scholastic knowledge for the first year; psychic development skills for the second year; and clergy training for the third year. From beginning to end this is a four year comprehensive journey if you include the probational Fundamentals Of Ritual Magic Class, which is a mandatory pre-requisite for the Wiccan classes to follow. This is an online class you can take in the privacy of your own home, and I will be available through many formats for question answer sessions directly on the class library syllabus on the website or on facebook live in the facebook classroom at regular intervals.
Go to to register before September 28, 2017.

Blessed Be!

Monique Lockhart
Founder, Temple Of Underworld Studies

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