Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, St. Brigits Day, Brides Day, or Groundhogs Day. The word Imboc means "in the belly". It is the celebration of the return of the maiden of spring. During this time we see the first stirrings of life and spring. The Celtic Goddess Brigit/Brigid, pronounced "Breed", is honored on this day. She is the triple muse Goddess who brings fertility of the upcoming spring. She is also a fire Goddess who rules over healing, inspiration, poetry and smithcraft. One tradition is to make Brigit a bed. This entails making a corn dolly to represent the Goddess in her maiden form and making a phallic wand and placing them side by side in a basket. The corn dolly is called a biddy. Another tradition is that a Priestess should wear a crown of 13 candles. Some do this to represent the young maiden bringing forth the light of spring and some traditions use this to represent the Mother, because it is the Mother Earth who is quickened at Imbolc.

Lore -
It is traditional upon Imbolc, at sunset or just after ritual, tolight every lamp in the house,
even if only for a few moments. Or you can light candles in each room. This is to honor the Sun's
rebirth. If snow lies on the ground outside, walk in it for a moment and recall the warmth of
summer. With your projective hand, trace an image of the sun on the snow.

Colors -
White, Yellow & Pink

Symbols -
Candles, The Bride, Burrowing Animals, Grain

Dolly& Sun Wheels.

Deities -
God and Goddess as children, All Virgin Goddess'

Stones -
Turquoise & Amethyst

Ritual Oils -
Jasmine, Apricot, Carnation, Sweet Pea, Neroli &

Food -
Foods appropriate to eat on this day include those from the dairy, since Imbolc marks the
festival of calving. Spicy and full bodied foods in honor of the sun are equally attuned. Also
peppers, onions, leeks, shallots, garlic and chives are appropriate. Spiced wines and dishs
containing raisins, any food symbolic of the sun are traditional.

Candied Violets
After picking a large number of violets, spread them on a cookie sheet to dry for a few hours.
Then beat an egg white to a froth, paint it on each flower with a fine brush, and (carefully!)
pour fine white sugar over the flowers to coat them. You can color the egg white purple for
variety if you wish. (Gum arabic can be substituted for the egg whites.)

Feather Cake
(Candied violets work beautifully for garnishes on this cake.)
First, rub to a cream 2 tablespoons soft butter and a cup of sugar. Next, add a beaten egg yolk,
half a cup of water and whole milk mixed, 1 and 1/2 cups of sifted flour, and a teaspoon each of
baking powder and vanilla. Beat an egg white stiff as meringue and fold it gently into the mixed batter. Bake it at a low heat--325 degrees Farenheit--for 25 minutes. Don't jump up and down or jar the cake while
it's baking or it'll fall and be full of holes. You can add chocolate glaze and/or candied
violets when it comes out of the oven.

Candlemas Oil

1/2 dram Pine oil
1/4 dram lavendar oil
4 or 5 drops of Cinnamon oil
1/4 dram Sandalwood oil
1/4 dram Frankincense oil
1/4 dram Myrrh oil
Mix well and bottle.

Imbolc Incense

3 Parts Frankincense
2 parts Dragon's Blood
1/2 Part Red Sandalwood
1 Part Cinnamon
few drops red wine
To this mixture, add a pinch of the first flower
(dry it first) that is available in your area
around the time of Imbolc.

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First, set up your altar in a way that makes you happy, and brings to
mind the themes of Imbolc. You'll also want to have on hand the

Seven candles, in red and white (tealights are perfect for this)
Something to light your candles with
A large bowl or cauldron big enough to hold the candles
Sand or salt to fill the bottom of the bowl/cauldron

Prior to beginning your ritual, take a warm, cleansing bath. While
soaking, meditate on the concept of purification. Once you're done,
dress in your ritual attire, and begin the rite.

If your tradition requires you to cast a circle, do so now.

Pour the sand or salt into the bowl or cauldron.

Place the seven candles into the sand so they won't slide around.

Light the first candle. As you do so, say:

Although it is now dark, I come seeking light.
In the chill of winter, I come seeking life.

Light the second candle, saying:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Light the third candle. Say:

This light is a boundary, between positive and negative.
That which is outside, shall stay without.
That which is inside, shall stay within.

Light the fourth candle. Say:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Light the fifth candle, saying:

Like fire, light and love will always grow.
Like fire, wisdom and inspiration will always grow.

Light the sixth candle, and say:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Finally, light the last candle. As you do so, visualize the seven

flames coming together as one. As the light builds, see the energy
growing in a purifying glow.

Fire of the hearth, blaze of the sun,
cover me in your shining light.
I am awash in your glow, and tonight I am
made pure.

Take a few momemnts and meditate on the light of your candles.
Think about this Sabbat, a time of healing and inspiration and purification.
Do you have something damaged that needs to be healed? Are you feeling
stagnant, for lack of inspiration? Is there some part of your life
that feels toxic or tainted? Visualize the light as a warm, enveloping
energy that wraps itself around you, healing your ailments, igniting
the spark of creativity, and purifying that which is damanged.

When you are ready, end the ritual. You may choose to follow up with
healing magic, or with a Cakes and Ale ceremony.

What You Need:
Seven candles, white and red, and something to light them with
A bowl or cauldron with sand in the bottom

The above information was referenced from the following URL:

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