Something isn't right. I don't think we belong here.

There were days where I loved to hear controversial topics and when I finally spoke, the room became quieted and others actually took a moment to process my words and nod their heads. In this day of age humans only listen to reply. I myself, could only repeat what I knew to make sense. Humans and their thought process, believing they are separate from nature. Higher beings, but willing to claim obedience to a god as a virtue. And for what purpose? Creating law, creating a sense of belonging to simulate a functioning hive? Temporarily creating a sense of security and belonging to thousands who are unwilling or incapable of harvesting their own strength, never allowing us to truly be alone and thrive in being ok with being alone. The only sense of alone-ness we can share is the idea that there are so many souls out there suffering this delusional atmosphere, but never accepting it. Still feeling empty with millions out there. Even as I look outside my 3rd story apartment, I see so many homes filled with families....and yet I know not one of them. In this day we act accordingly to a certain standard to coexist. But it's never enough, is it? The more I listen, the more I recede and appreciate nature's "silence" in remote areas....and I learn so much more than I have with my own people. Our ways of thinking about the public after years of conditioning, recognizing caste systems everywhere you go, creates this thought in your head that there are lesser beings out there who are not worth your time. It sickens me, and I find that I have to check my brain & tell myself that they are no different from you. They make decisions like you. And in that point of time, I find that I could simply remove myself from interaction, to avoid thinking this way. Human culture could change, if we're not around to absorb and consume like the fire ants we've become.

But when I come across a child, my hearts on fire. My thoughts are filled with light. These are the beings we were meant to become. Naturally good and loving. 

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