I used to belong to a circle. I was in classes, did group rituals, and got to know a lot of different people. Then I caught the teacher/leader in a couple of lies and realized I was being used and not getting the help I needed. I was always told I was not ready. It wasn't time.

We were all solitaries, but came together in group for rituals. Which was fine....but after a while I noticed the group dynamic was changing and it was leaning more toward a coven type thing. However, when I voiced my concern I was told to shut up, what I said hurt their feelings, and I had no idea what I was talking about. WOW!

I eventually quit going. I called the teacher up one day and told her I wouldn't be back. She cried and told me I was making a big mistake and we needed to talk. After a few days I went to see her and listened to what she had to say. And listened. And listened.

When I got a chance to say my piece it was shot down, I was wrong, I wasn't ready, and she knew way more than I did.


After she was done crying and ranting I told her it was okay and left.

Now I'm banned from attending rituals. LOL My oh my, tis a shame when your ego takes over and your human side over powers your spirituality.

But sometimes it's just over. And that's okay.

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Comment by Red on October 29, 2009 at 5:19pm
To be totally honest, when I first realized that she didn't want me at ritual, and only one person was woman enough to stand up for me, I was hurt, but now...um not so much. I realized that it wasn't me and she was afraid that what happened would get around. It was her issue and not mine.

I did manage to get the word out though. LMAO One of the women in the group can't keep anything secret so I called her up to chat and sure enough she wondered why I quit and wasn't coming. I told her the truth knowing the all the rest would know in a day or so.

LOL in a couple of days I get one email stating...'I thought we had this worked out." I never answered her knowing that it would as useless as the last time we 'worked it out". LOL

Now I'm free to go where I choose and talk to who I want. You couldn't do that before without getting chewed out for whatever reason. I did anyway, but now I do it openly.

I am much happier now than I was and thanks to the two people in the circle who stayed my friends regardless I got over it and moved on.

I will be having my own ritual in my home far from prying eyes and anyone telling me I'm not ready. :)


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